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Fossil, is an American fashion designer and manufacturer founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis and based in Richardson, Texas. Fossil wristwatch collection tend to be elegant, sporty, vintage, ultra-modern designs and unique movement. Each of Fossil watches are made with study materials that can withstand daily wear and is designed to last beyond the season so you can wear it as long as you love it. Discover Fossil collection for women and men that best represents your style.

Fossil Women's Collection

Carlie, Multifunction, Automatic, Tailor, Original Boyfriend, Jacqueline, Jocelyn, Three-Hand, Stella, Neely, Lyric, Georgia, Georgia Mini, Riley, Virginia, Scarlette, Scarlette Mini Three-Hand, Kayla, The Commuter, Addison, Julienne, Essentialist, Kinsey, The Minimalist, Carlie Carbon, Madeline, Earth Day, FB-01, Fossil Jesse, Jude Mini Two-Hand, Jude Three-Hand, Kinsey Three-Hand, Fossil Colleague

Fossil Men's Collection

Townsman, Grant Sport, The Commuter, Chase, Neutra, Forrester, Machine, Dillinger, Chronograph, Chapman, Dean, Nate, Machine, Goodwin, FB-01, FB-02, Three-Hand, Garrett, Barstow, The Minimalist, Andy, Chase Timer, Belmar, Coachman, Decker, Earth Day, Retro Digital

Couple Collection

His & Her Three-Hand, The Andy and Addison


Hybrid Hr, Gen 5

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  • FOSSIL FB-02 Three-Hand Date Green Stainless Steel Bracelet SF5690
    Fossil FB-02 Three-Hand Date Green FS5690
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