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Collection: Seiko x STREET FIGHTER V

The Seiko x Street Fighter V Collection. Seiko proudly announced a collection designed in collaboration with Street Fighter V. Street Fighter, a world-famous player vs player fighting game. Limited edition of 9,999 only.

The collection features six models inspired by the game's central characters well-liked throughout the series, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Blanka and Zhangief. This collaboration timepiece, radiating the spirit of fighters fighting an intense, bruising battle.

Ryu, Unshakable Fist SRPF19K1 - represents the philosophy of Ryu who dedicates himself to relentless training, aiming to become a true fighter.

Chun-Li, Blue Jade SRPF17K1 - represents the charms of Chun-Li, an Interpol female fighter with a powerful inner strength. She is famous with exquisite kicking moves and wearing a signature uniform designed based on China dress. 

Ken, Rush 'n' Blaze SRPF20K1 - represents Ken's passion and commitment, who aims to reach a new height while training together with his fellow disciple and best friend Ryu. He is the son of the Master family that runs Master Foundation.

Guile, Indestructible Fortress SRPF21K1 - represents Guile, the atmosphere of the hard-boiled fighter who fights for the peace of his country as major in the United States Air Force, characterized by military design.

Blanka, Call of the Wild SRPF23K1 - represents Blanka a feral man who grew up in a harsh jungle. Attacks his opponent fiercely using his one of a kind moves. His distinctive style is rugged design and green hue.

Zangief, Iron Cyclone SRPF24K1 - represents Zangief a professional wrestler who weaponizes his well-trained body as strong as steel and his vaunted muscles. The design highlights the strength.

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