About Us

Time Galaxy was founded on Nov 6, 2006 nestled in the heart of Selangor, Malaysia. We offering wide range of premium brand new and pre-owned branded luxury Swiss watches and accessories. We are devoted exclusively to only 100% genuine and authentic branded watches and pride ourselves in obtaining the very best timepiece possible for Swiss watch fans.
Here, we are proudly to present our eCommerce store, Time Galaxy Watch Online Store for our customers to able to buy luxury watches conveniently at extremely competitive discounted prices. We are offering up to 20%. Big brands, big save! That's good news for every Swiss watches fans. We opened an opportunity where you can buy timepiece from our online store conveniently without travelling hassle. Find what you love, and you can order buy it online. If there is certain timepieces you wish to purchase and not in our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us. If you wish to sell or trade-in your timepieces, we are strongly advise you to contact us via call or whatsapp +60187777378. We assure you in getting good values from your sold at true fair market value while at the same time enjoy your new timepieces with us.
We are evolving to provide the best luxury watch buying experience and watch service to our customers. We hope to share interest and exchange knowledge amongst the watch enthusiast.