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Purchasing a luxury Swiss watch such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Panerai or limited edition swiss watches and so on is an investment. So, it is important for you to insure it against damage. A unique masterpiece, your timepieces are made of hundreds of tiny parts, many individual components, carefully designed to the last details. This precise engine works 25 hours a day, 7 days a week to accompany you in your every day's adventure. To enjoy your beloved masterpiece and keep it in perfect working condition, your timepiece must undergo routine maintenance and servicing at one point. Hereby, what we can offer you our care tips:


Watch Maintenance Services & Complete Service Overhauled

Depending on your watch model, your personal usage and your local climate, we recommend servicing your timepiece every 3-5years even if it still seems to be in perfect working order and a complete overhaul every 4-6years.

  • Disassemble the watch / Movement dismantling
    • to be cleaned, oiled and timed using special tool equipment
  • Cleaning
    • Case and bracelet cleaning
    • Cleaning all moving parts with specialized cleaning solvents
  • Polishing
    • remove fine scratches and reduce scratches deepness
  • Oiling
    • use proper with high grade lubrication oils during reassembly process
    • oil use for lubrication inside the movement have a life expectancy of only 3 to 4 years. Once the oils begins to break down, moving parts fall victim to the effects of friction and can cause key components to degrade, aging prematurely and affecting the accuracy of the timepiece (Just like car, need service maintenance)
  • Repair or replacement of worn movement parts if necessary
    • Replacement any worn or damage parts such as bezel, crown, crystal and gaskets
    • Repairing or replacing the watch dial
    • Restoration or replacement of the watch hands
  • Adjustment / Regulating service
    • Check winding mechanism
    • Inspect and adjust the escapement
    • De-magnetise
    • Thorough testing of accuracy after cleaning and oiling, your watch is tested to our standards over a period of time of up to 72 hours to assure accuracy and check proper performance of the movement operating all functionality. Water-resistance control.
  • Assembled
    • Assemble the watch by putting back smaller piece components in order after servicing.
    • Renew back case if necessary


Battery Replacement

A battery can run out at any time, so your watch is quartz type ( battery-powered), we advise that you replace it every 12 months - 2 years. Quartz watch don't have as many moving parts as mechanical, but still require routine maintenance. Certain models quartz watches require maintenance service like we mentioned above. Replacement parts if worn or damage or malfunction. Lubricate the setting and calendar mechanisms using fine oils and greases. Battery replacement.


Watch Repair and Restoration

Every timepiece has a different story, maybe your grandfather passed down vintage timepiece through generations. Therefore, our specialist watchmakers "sifu" are trained to look at watches of any age, regardless of brand or type and will try their best to help repair and restore the timepiece. Certain watches can be returned to the manufacturers to undertake a repair, while others will be servicing by watchmakers. If you have refurbishment and restoration enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Not many people know the fact that, over time, a water-resistant watch will lose its resistance especially if it's used regularly for diving. Therefore, is important to check your watch and re-waterproofed in line with manufacture's recommendations.


Some repairs are time-consuming, so we will always prepare an estimate for you before going ahead. If you have any questions regarding Restore and Repairing Service, please contact us

*Note: Replica watches will not be entertained

(All watches will be charged accordingly except for watches that are still under warranty)